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[Tips] How To Fix Error Google Play

Thứ bảy - 21/02/2015 20:34
[Tips] How To Fix Error Google Play

[Tips] How To Fix Error Google Play

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Error 491
Problem: can not download and update applications
Solution: Remove google account through settings, accounts, google and then select remove account. After that, restart your Android, then Add or insert the account back. After that go back to Settings, select Apps then select google services. After that select clear data and then force stop.
Error 498
Problem: failed to download from the Google Play Store
Solution: The problem lies in the capacity of the cache in devices that are already full. To overcome this problem could be to remove the applications and files that are not needed. Android Restart you go into recovery mode. In the recovery mode will be a lot of options, select wipe cache partition, and confirm using the power button.
Error 919
Problem: Download completed but the application can not be opened
Solution: Not enough storage on your Android, delete some files or applications that you do not need.
Error 413
Problem: can not download or update apps. If you use a proxy, it can cause problems in the operation at Google Play Store
Solution: Go to settings, select Google Apps then select Services, then select clear data and force stop. Do the same thing on google app store play, and also clear your browser cache on Android.
Error 923
Problem: Can not download, error when syncing with google account or not enough cache memory
Solution: Remove your Google account, and also remove apps you do not use. Then restart your Android and go into recovery mode. Select wipe cache and restart Android partitioin you, do not worry because your data will not be lost. Enter your Google account again.
Error 921
Problem: Can not download apps
Solution: try to delete the application cache Google Play Store.
Error 403
Problem: can not download because there are two google accounts were used to purchase applications on a single device
Solution: Go to Google Play Store with the correct Google account. Uninstall the app, then try to install the app again via Google Play, then select the purchase button.
Error 492
Problem: Can not install applications because of problems in the Dalvik cache
Solution: Go to settings, then Apps. Then select Google services, then clear data and force stop. Do the same to the application Google Play Store.
Error 927
Problem: can not download because the Play Store is in the process of updating
Solution: Wait a few moments to complete the update of Google Play Store.
Error 101
Problem: Can not download because too many applications installed
Solution: uninstall some unnecessary applications.
Error 481
Problem: Error in Google account
Solution: Remove google accounts from Android, then replace it with another Google account
Error 911
Problem: An application can not be downloaded due to error 911
Solution there are 2 ways:
• Method 1: Clear cache and clear data through Settings, then apps, then select the application Google Play Store
• Method 2: If using WiFi, it could use another WiFi network or using a mobile data connection
Error 919
Problem: Can not install any application
Solution: Change your APN settings
Error 920
Problem: An application can not be downloaded
3 Ways a solution exists, namely:
• Method 1: Turn off and then turn on WiFi, then run back Play Your Store
• Method 2: Using another google account
• Method 3: Clear your cache Google Play Store, and then restart your android
Error 941
Problem: error when trying to run the update
Solution: Go to Settings, then manage applications or apps. After that find application Google Play Store, select force stop, clear cache, and clear the data. After that, try running the update in the Google Play Store again
Error rh01
Problem: Error when accessing information from the server
Solution there are 2 ways:
• Method 1: clear the cache and data in the Google Play Store, and walk right back Google Play Store
• Method 2: 1 and then try to work out how to replace with another google account
Error -24
Problem: still unknown but indicated as KitKat updates
Solution there are 2 ways:
• Use root manager (must have root): find the file android / data / com.whatsapp. Delete the folder com.whatsapp ..., then re-install whatsapp on Play Store
• Using Master Clean: Clean Download Master, uninstall whatsapp, then remove the junk, then install again through the play store whatsapp
No Connection
Problem: connect to the internet but can not get into the play store
Solution: clear google cache can play store, check date, and check the google account that is being used.
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